“Lesnoe – Rudnya” Resort

“Lesnoe – Rudnya” Resort is a perfect place for quiet and relaxing holiday. Our resort is for families and people who appreciate calmness, tranquility and good service.

We wish you all a pleasant stay! Our Belarusian nature is worth of your attention!

Seven reasons to come to “Lesnoe – Rudnya” Resort in 2017:

  1. Huge picturesque manicured area: 35 hectares for 60 guests. Such a large ratio of space per guest is hard to find in Belarus.
  2. Reasonable prices combined with high-quality service. Our prices do not depend on the dollar exchange rate or the nationality of our guests; we did our best to combine very low rates with good service of true European quality.
  3. Location directly on the shore of a beautiful lake. Our resort is neither just “close to” the lake, nor “next to” the lake – it’s literally on the shore of the lake. Here you can even catch TENCH—the king of Belarusian lakes, and there are no industrial or agricultural enterprises around our resort area.
  4. Sandy beach with loungers and a safe lake bottom which is checked by divers.
  5. Tasty and healthy food at a reasonable price. When cooking, we use only organic and eco-friendly products.
  6. New and modern rooms with all amenities. For our guest of the most refined nature we offer an attic room with a Jacuzzi and panoramic windows. All new accommodation has a heating system and air conditioning.
  7. For the entertainment of our guests: discos, parties, organized picnics with singing evenings, concerts of Belarusian showbiz stars, Belarusian folklore evenings, coach trips to Polotsk city, paintball, natural history tours. 

“Lesnoe – Rudnya” Resort: high-quality, low-cost, soulful rest!


We are a family resort. Both adults and children enjoy staying here. Our resort is absolutely safe; we will always look after your children, even if you are not around.

We are interesting for fathers: our guests can fish without any restrictions (fishing on the lake is free), ride a buggy in the summer or a snowmobile in the winter; you can go to the banya (Russian sauna) with a professional attendant or cycle around the neighborhood.
We are interesting for mothers: our guests can attend yoga classes, workshops for decoration with natural materials, go to the banya and ride a bike together with their husbands.
We are interesting for children: our kids’ club gives parents a possibility to try all the options listed above while their children are not only having a good time but also learning something useful.

The most ecologically clean district in Belarus. This area is truly a land of crystal clear dew. The nature is simply amazing. Its wealth is 192 lakes with total area of 8009 hectares, Drissa River and its tributaries. 133 818 hectares, or 69.4 per cent of the area, is covered by forests. The local forests are full of wild animals and birds, and are rich in organic mushrooms and berries. Here one can find many springs with clean, healthy water. There is nothing more pleasant than to enjoy these treasures of nature, fish on the lake or river, wander around the forest looking for the mushrooms, breezing in the fresh air filled with oxygen, and drink spring water.

Rossony district is a historical region, places of military glory of Pyotr Masherov, a famous Hero of the Soviet Union and WWII.
In 25 kilometers from here is Polotsk, the oldest architectural and cultural center of our country, rich in monuments and museums.