“Lesnoe – Rudnya” Resort, Rudnya village, Rossony district, Vitebsk region
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“Lesnoe – Rudnya” Resort provides a wide range of services for family and corporate events, hunting and fishing. 

The resort has its own mini-gym, boat rental, and a banya (Russian sauna). For those who like to sunbathe there is a sandy beach. People who are keen on sports healthy walking will be happy to find here two Terrenkur routes. Several evenings per week people gather to play volleyball. There is a special playground for paintball. There is also a children's playground.


Active team game, sports and entertainment accessible to all. Your employees will feel the importance of team play and at the same time get great pleasure.


A summer wedding on the lake in beautifully decorated white tents (“Royal tent”) with an on-site registration and maximum number of guests up to 180 people, or a very small wedding up to 20 people. 

Holidays and anniversaries

We know how to organize your leisure. We organize family sports events and outdoor picnic treats


You will visit the so-called Upper Castle, a place where in the X century the Polotsk Citadel emerged—the administrative center of the ancient city, surrounded by rivers and deep ditches, impregnable at those times. 

Corporate events and teambuilding

Arrangements of events with any number of people, free table decorations as a gift from the Resort.

Children's rest and “King Krol” Kids Club

The kids' club regularly helds workshops for children on a variety of skills. Here kids can just come to play with toys or play video games, watch a cartoon, read a book.  

Fishing on the lake Yakovskoe

Nature itself tells you that if you stay on the lake, it would be nice to go fishing. 


This area is the best of the best, a large and rich land for hunting. These forests are abounding with moose, capercaillie, black grouse, grouse, ducks and others. All types of hunting for fur-bearing animals are allowed.

Banya (Russian sauna)

Our banya on the wood. A bathhouse with an attendant, who will warm you up, massage with a besom, and wash, deserves special attention.  

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