“Lesnoe – Rudnya” Resort, Rudnya village, Rossony district, Vitebsk region
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Fishing on the Yakovskoe lake

Nature itself tells you that if you stay on the lake, it would be nice to go fishing. Fishing on our lake is free, while each year there are fewer and fewer places where it is not necessary to pay for everything.

The lake is deep, in some places its depth reaches 10 meters. At greater depths and deep-water brows you can catch a trophy pike and perch with a spinning rod equipped with jigs or deep-water wobblers. The lake is rich in bream and tench, fishermen often catch tench up to 2 kg. The coastal zone is perfect for catching carp, roach, and rudd with a feeder or float tackle. And, the edge of the water and reeds or water lilies is a paradise for lovers of ultra-light fishing for perch and small pikes

We have a boat rental, so if you are not a professional fisherman there is no need to bring the boat with you.

For fishermen we offer:

Besides the fishing itself, you can enjoy workshops on cooking smoked fish and fish soup and pleasant evening by the campfire. And, of course, the nature here is amazing.

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