“Lesnoe – Rudnya” Resort, Rudnya village, Rossony district, Vitebsk region
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“King Krol” Kids Club

The kids club regularly helds workshops for children on a variety of skills. Here kids can just come to play with toys or play video games, watch a cartoon, or read a book. Children's library with good books will get the kids to love reading. There is a teacher/play assistant always present in the club; she will help your child to engage into artistic activities or active outdoor games. Next to the kids club there is a playground and a small enclosure with live rabbits. You can feed the rabbits and play with them.

If you’re coming with a baby under 3 years old, we will provide you with a baby crib with high sides, a highchair, and a playpen for the baby. If you need any of these, please note it when sending an application, and your stay here will be as comfortable as your home. It would feel like you came back home. Even if you forget to specify that you need all these things, just tell an administrator about that while checking in, and she will bring it to you in 30 minutes.

Baby food

Feeding a child can be a difficult thing to do. We have all witnessed multiple times poor parents following their baby with a spoon and a plate in their hands, desperately trying to stuff the food in the baby’s mouth spoon, or have heard harsh cries coming from different parts of the restaurant. First, you hear one of the parents yell, when patience has run out, then—the baby cries after getting the scolding.

We put all these common mistakes into account. You can make up a separate menu for your kids if they already eat regular food. On the first day of your arrival, please approve the menu with our chef. If your babies refuse to eat at regular lunch times and live on their own dietary pattern, you can take the food to the house and feed your kids at any time suitable for them. For your convenience, all new rooms (and partly the old rooms) have a kitchen with appliances.

Entertainment for your kids 

Our kids, especially younger children, seem never get tired from running and jumping. That’s why the central area of our resort is the children’s playground. First, it’s easily seen from the café, secondly, here you can meet other families. 


The beach sand has been renewed this season, and the bottom of the lake has been carefully checked. Dogs are not allowed on the Resort’s territory. Also, we don’t allow any strangers to the beach. We constantly monitor the cleanliness of the beach, as well as the whole territory.


We have: children's bicycles for different ages from 1.5 years to 13 years. Baby stroller. If you forget your stroller at home, and the kid does not want to walk on foot, you can ask the administrator to borrow a light stroller. Electric ATV, a BMW kids car to push with the feet—for the younger kids. Other toys and erector sets.

And most importantly, if your baby sleeps during the day and needs silence, inform the administrator and all the noisy work will be terminated while your children sleep. 

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