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Paintball on a new site of “Lesnoe – Rudnya” Resort means:

  • Active team game, sports and entertainment accessible to all. Your employees will feel the importance of team play and at the same time get great pleasure;
  • A tool for team-building, selection of working groups and an effective way to identify natural leaders;
  • Tons of adrenaline and emotions, and an ability to show your potential. Social and official distinctions do not exist on a paintball field;
  • No direct physical contact. The game allows all players to be on equal terms, regardless of gender, age and weight;
  • The best way to relieve stress;
  • Paintball field is located on the territory of the “Lesnoe – Rudnya” Resort. Also, at your request we provide comfortable accommodation, catering in a cafe, Russian sauna, riding SUVs and buggies, fishing, hunting and other activities for active and cheerful people.
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We are happy to offer our guests:

  • Large playground with area of 100x70 m (0.7 ha) for tactical and recreational paintball and any level of experience. The field can simultaneously accommodate up to 15 players;
  • Experienced trainers, who will do everything possible to bring you maximum enjoyment from the game;
  • Modern and safe equipment; here you can choose a reliable mechanical marker (gun) hat shoots only in semi-automatic mode (for beginners);
  • We also offer accessories, such as thermal masks with anti-mist double-glazing and body protection (vests);
  • In addition, some playgrounds are under development.

A bit about the history of paintball:

Global popularity of paintball has really grown over the last 25 years, and now on every continent more than 10 million people in more than 60 countries play paintball. Professional tournaments are broadcasted on all sports channels, and Hollywood included this game in many popular movies. Since this sport is developing very fast and involves an increasing number of participants, it is not surprising that it gets an increased media interest and its popularity is growing.

What is paintball:

Paintball is a game like soccer, hockey or rugby, where opposing teams possess some sort of ‘value’, which is their ‘target’. In more traditional sports, each team tries to deliver the ball or a puck in a certain area of ??the other team, at the same time not allowing the other team to do the same. To achieve this, the opponents usually come into physical contact, which is why the players must wear special protective equipment such as helmets, shields, etc.

Paintball can be played in the forest (‘tactical paintball’) or on small fields with brightly colored inflatable shelters (‘speedball’, or ‘sports paintball’). Both formats have many variations, and they are regularly played by both regular enthusiasts and professional athletes.

Tactical Paintball:

In a traditional paintball game ‘Capture the Flag’ both teams are trying to steal the flag that hangs in a certain place and then try to hang it on the other team’s base. Each player has a paintball ‘gun’, which is called a marker that shoots with balls containing paint that split on the enemy and leave a bright colorful trail easily noticeable by the judges. Then the judges ‘dismiss’ a player out of the game. The player that has been hit with a ball goes to the sideline, waiting for the start of the next game. The team continues to play without this player, trying to capture and hang the flag. The game continues until all the players of one of the teams are dismissed or until one of the teams captures and hangs the flag before the expiration of playing time.

Who plays paintball:

People of different professions and different layers of society: professionals, white-collar workers, your neighbors, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters (about 20% of the players are women and girls), parents, athletes and sluggers. Plenty of corporations around the world replace old-fashioned company picnics with paintball, using it as a team building and stress-relieving activity. Many people organize paintball parties to celebrate a birthday, college reunion, etc. Over the past 20 years, the largest group that used paintball for recreational purposes at the official paintball fields was a youth church group.

What is a ball for paintball?

The outer shell of the balls is made of biodegradable gelatin produced by the same technology as the bath bombs. But instead of being stuffed with oil bath and pleasant perfume, the balls are filled with colorful non-toxic liquid, the same as children use for finger-painting, so the judges can easily notice when the balls hit the players.

Paintballs leave the marker at speed up to 90 m/s, but then quickly slow down because of their small mass. Players hit from a distance of 30 meters can not even notice that they were shot, but at a closer distance the player will feel the kick of the ball. Many people believe that the combination of using protective equipment, loose clothing and a large dose of adrenaline from the fun of the game makes the ‘shot’ indistinguishable, which explains the massive growth in popularity of this game in the last 25 years.

Basic requirements for paintball:

Paintball can bring great pleasure, if you carefully follow the rules of the game. Parents should learn as much as they can about the game and visit the local paintball club. Professional clubs offer rental equipment, approved paintball masks, trained judges, and the pre-game coaching for the players. If you follow all safety rules, playing paintball is safer than playing badminton in your yard.

  • All players and filed judges must wear a mask and eye protection device that were specially designed for paintball and meet the requirements of ASTM F1776 (American Society for Testing and Materials) for eye protection devices. Players are not allowed to remove their masks in the game area even to erase paint or sweat, clean the lens or for any other reason. Masks can be removed only in specially designed area, where are no loaded markers.
  • When not using the paintball guns during the game on the site, please use special plugs to prevent any accidents.
  • Paintballs shall be not used at speeds exceeding 90 m/s. Allowable speed can be even lower depending on the local requirements of laws and regulations. The flight speed of the ball is measured by a radar, which is available in any paintball club. Any marker that shoots balls at a speed exceeding 90 m/s must be adjusted to the correct speed before the game.
  • Qualified judges should be present on the site in order to monitor the implementation of the rules of the game.
  • Professional paintball clubs always require a written parental permission for players under 18 years old.
  • Special grid must divide the game zone and the spectator area.
  • Young players should play only under adult supervision. Minimum age may vary from 10 to 16 years, depending on local laws and regulations requirements.
  • Paintball markers can not be used or demonstrated in public, except for special paintball grounds.
  • Common sense is of major importance. No matter where the game is played, each player must follow these rules.
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