“Lesnoe – Rudnya” Resort, Rudnya village, Rossony district, Vitebsk region
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There is the common opinion that the anniversary means a table bursting with delicious food. Do you want to destroy this stereotype? Spend your special occasion in one of the most beautiful places of Belarus, on the shores of a clear lake. We will organize your holiday on the individual scenario, and come up with an interactive storyline where your holiday table can be set in the most unexpected place. Styling and design of the banquet table is free for the guests of our Resort.

Choosing us, you choose a new experience and unforgettable emotions.


We offer our guests an unusual program for each calendar holiday.

Every program includes elements of the Belarusian folklore. We get our guests to learn more about crafts, rituals, and cuisine of Belarus.

New Year's and Christmas

Festive program from December, 29 till January, 1

We offer you to celebrate Christmas and New Year on a picnic on the decorated forest clearing, meet Ded Moroz and Snegurochka, ride buggies and snowmobiles, and enjoy treats from our chef.

Daily program is made up taking into account all wishes of both adults and children. Everybody is going to have a good time!

Valentine's Day

Our chef cooks an unforgettable dinner for the Valentine's Day using his special recipes. Dinner is served in the apartments or the house. The table is decorated in the style of this holiday, using candles.

Defender of the Fatherland Day (February, 23)

No matter how serious or old men can be, they will always stay boys inside. 

All boys enjoyed playing “fray” in childhood. Most men used to be in the army. Paintball tournament on February, 23 will return them to those carefree times. Paintball is an activity that is filled with adrenaline and bright emotions.

An occasion special like thus requires a special treat! You can afford a major feast at least once a year.

International Women's Day (March, 8)

Festive program with a guest star of the Belarusian show business. Discos and karaoke. Congratulations and gifts to the ladies staying at the Resort.

May holidays

Program starts on April, 30 and ends on May, 10 

Festive programs and outdoor activities. Celebrations in the “King Krol” Kids Club. May toloka (‘work party’).

Children's Day — June, 1  

“King Krol” presents the children's club. Festive program with a life-size puppet of King Krol. Workshops for kids. Celebration of the summer’s beginning.

Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus — July, 3

Day of Ivan Kupala (Midsummer) — July, 7

Belarusian national program: songs, dances, and national rituals. Evening show program by the campfire on the beach.

Neptune Day — July, 17

Festive program and show on the lake. Neptune, Lord of the Sea, and his retinue, pirates and devils will entertain you and give you a duck!

Honey Spas (Macovei) — August, 14

Tasting of honey from the Resort’s apiary. Children's festival of young beekeeper, where children will learn a lot about the life of bees.

Apple Spas — August, 19

All kind of stuff that can be made from apples. Tasting of dishes from apples throughout the whole day.

Nut (Bread) Spas — August, 29

Pastry, cakes, bread from our beloved stove “Zharushka”. Tasting throughout the whole day.

All evenings—discos and show program with karaoke.

Viewing movies and sport events on the big screen with professional sound (mini-cinema)

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